The Board of the conference includes members of DH Research Group of Pegaso University.

The project is funded by Pegaso University thanks to a PRA line of research (University plan of academic research). The Principal Investigator is Prof. Alessandra Micalizzi, Associate Professor in Communication and Cultural Processes at Pegaso University and Senior Lecturer at SAE Institute.


Alessandra Micalizzi, PhD - Pegaso University, SAE Institute

Leonardo Gualtieri, PhD - Pegaso University

Fabio Pelagalli - NABA & University of Foggia

Francesco Epifani- Pegaso University

Giuliano Cenati, PhD - Pegaso University

Teresa Savoia , PhD - Pegaso University

Federico Ambruosi - Conservatoire of Milan

Gilda Policastro , PhD - Pegaso University

Anna Rinaldin, PhD - Pegaso University

Sara Selmi - University of Foggia

Gaia Turconi - University of Foggia & University of Milan




Lara Balleri - Pegaso University

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